Frinton Residents' Association - Reporting

Pavements/Roads/Lighting Defects

We are in regular contact with our local authorities Walton and Frinton Council, Tendering District Council and Essex County Council to assist in the reporting and monitoring of the many issues that arise in relation to pavements, lighting, and road issues such as potholes.

Essex County Council Highways department are responsible for the maintenance of Frinton's Roads, Pavements and Street Lighting.

Any problems should be reported on the Essex County Council Highways web site. If you have any problems reporting an issue, please contact us and we will endeavor to assist. Please note that you can telephone also on 0345 603 7631 or text 0345 058 5592. A link for reporting problems can be found on www.ecc.gov.uk

When you have reported the defect, you will receive a unique number. Please contact us providing the location, problem and the ECC number which we will then input onto a spreadsheet so that we can monitor the progress.

When reporting items on the ECC website, you should be aware that ECC normally use as a criterion for investigation:

Coronet Lamp

Flat Belfrey