Frinton Residents' Association - Join Us

The advantages of joining the Frinton Residents' Association are:

There are two categories of membership of the Frinton Residents' Association. Those who live in live in the local Wards of Frinton, Hamford and Homelands, can become Full Members. In addition, it is possible for those who do not live in Frinton-on-Sea to become non-voting 'Friends' of the Frinton Residents' Association.

For you to become a Full Member, or a Friend, we are only asking for a minimum annual contribution of £5 per household. You can contribute more if you feel you would like to, or for those on a limited income, a lesser sum will be acceptable as we do not wish anyone to be excluded from membership.

The fees help the Association to represent you effectively. They also contribute towards the maintenance of our website, administration costs, and any excess goes into a special fund put aside to fight major issues whenever they occur or when professional help is required.

We are also always happy to hear from Full Members who would like to join the Committee of the Frinton Residents' Association.

To submit a request for an Application Form to become a Full Member, or a Friend of the Association, please use the form below. If you need to contact the Secretary about anything else, please contact us.

Membership/ Friend's Application Form

Please complete the form below to become a member or friend of The Frinton Resident's Association and we will respond to you in due course.

By clicking Apply, you are agreeing to your contact details being kept on our database in line with our Data Protection Policy. If you do not want your details stored, please let us know.