Frinton Residents' Association - FAQs

The beaches have become full of sand to the point that the breakwaters have been completely covered in many cases. Will the breakwaters work less well with the higher level of sand on the beach, and could this impact on the safety of the beach and promenade?

The beaches along the Tendring coast are subject to varying sand levels, which is a natural process. The Groynes (breakwaters) are designed to reduce the amount of sand which is lost and encourage levels to build. In fact, the higher the sand levels the better, as the waves will break earlier reducing the effects of the waves on the sea wall.

Where are the beaches in Frinton-on-Sea where dogs are not allowed during the summer season?

"Dog Free" beaches, ie those where dogs are not allowed from 1 May to 30 September, in Frinton-on-Sea, are located four sections to the right of the boat ramp on the Promenade (as you face the sea) at the bottom of Connaught Avenue, and stretch from there to the left as far as the first toilet block located next to the footpath coming down to the Promenade from between Cambridge and Raglan Road. The maximum penalty for ignoring this byelaw is £500, and this also applies to dogs having to be on leads on the Promenade behind these beaches.

Why don't Tendring District Council (TDC) collect more plastic waste for recycling, ie only plastic bottles can be recycled, but not other plastic containers.

Tendring District Council are willing to collect all types of recycling if the public are willing to pay. Due to financial pressures placed upon budgets the authority chose to collect higher grade plastics, traditionally found in plastic bottles. Recycling of lower grade plastic containers, such as pots, tubs, trays and film remains outside of the current contract and budgets. The current recycling system operated by the authority provides a high quality material which is sought after and processed in the UK with the value of the material used to offset the cost of the waste and recycling service.

The authority continues to work closely with its waste contractor to explore all options to collect a wider range of plastics whilst being mindful of upcoming legislative changes such as the Environment Act and deposit return scheme which will provide a more consistent collection of materials throughout the country.

What should you do if ice creams vans, etc, are seen selling their merchandise on the Esplanade?

There is a byelaw stating that no trading is to take place on The Esplanade. Take a note of the vehicle registration number (and other details if possible) and report this to a Local Councillor, Tendring District Council or telephone 01255 686969.

Why is it free to park in Frinton-on-Sea?

There are two reasons: one because we want people to visit our town and secondly, any income resulting from charging for parking would not even go to Essex County Council as this facility has been outsourced to N Essex Parking Parntership who would be the only ones to benefit from any profit. The town of Frinton would definitely not benefit, and neither would local councils.

Furthermore, when fees are charged for parking, people will try to park elsewhere and the problem just moves location. An example of this occurred when the railway started charging for parking in the station car park, commuters now park on both sides of Wittonwood Road and down Upper Fourth Avenue, plus there are probably more cars parked on the other side of Connaught Avenue than previously.

Also, yellow lines have been kept to a minimum to allow maximum parking for both visitors and residents alike. However, we have obtained an assurance from the police that action will be taken if anyone parks dangerously, or causes an obstruction. Therefore, do please telephone 101 to report such occurrences to the police.

Why did the residents of Frinton-on-Sea object to the original Level Crossing Gates being replaced by CCTV monitored electronic barriers manned from Colchester?

Because the original Gates had a proven safety record. The fact that they were locally manned made them safer. This was endorsed by an independent survey carried out by professionals who also stated that the original gates could easily have been maintained for the next 50 years. Despite this, and objections lodged by the Town and District Councils, Network Rail replaced them with barriers in the early hours of 18 April 2009.

Many accidents (some of them fatal) have occurred at unmanned level crossings and those with CCTV monitored electronic barriers. Accidents such as these were less likely with the original manned Gates.

Why are there no swings or roundabouts for children to play upon on the Greensward, or amusement arcades\fairground rides, as there are at Walton, Dovercourt, Clacton etc?

It is the aim of The Frinton Residents' Association to promote the ideal of Frinton-on-Sea remaining a place where everyone can enjoy an atmosphere of peace and relaxation, take advantage of the natural beauty of swathes of open grassland and a beautiful sandy beach leading down to the sea without the distractions of amusement parks which can be found elsewhere. However, there is a play park in Roydon Way.

Why are there no stalls, chair hire facilities, ice cream vendors, or cafes etc along The Esplanade or on the seafront?

Because we want to ensure maximum amount of space is available for parking, ensure that visitors are not bothered by street vendors, avoid the litter which results, and give visitors the option to bring whatever they require with them which is a more economical approach, or there are shops in the Town Centre where most things can be purchased.

Why does Frinton-on-Sea not have a colourful display of Beach Huts as they do at Southwold?

This has been considered by various groups, but currently the colours are governed by Tendring District Council rules as they issue the licences for beach huts. Although it is a fact that huts painted with a wood preservative (only available in limited colours) result in less maintenance to ensure they retain a good appearance.

What does the Frinton Residents' Association do for the Community?

Please refer to the aims and objectives on the About Us page.

Does Frinton have a bus service?

Yes, numbers 105, 107 & 109 run between Colchester and Walton-on-the-Naze via Frinton-on-Sea, and numbers 7, 8 & 8a run between Clacton-on-Sea and Walton-on-the-Naze via Frinton-on-Sea. Timetables are available from Smiths Newsagents in Connaught Avenue, the local library, or from Traveline.

What is there of interest in Frinton-on-Sea?

Please refer to the About Our Town page.

Apart from the beach, is there anything for children to do or anything of interest for them to see?

In addition to the beach and the sea, the Greensward provides open space for children to entertain themselves by playing ball games, flying kites, etc. Children's facilities are also available at the Tennis Club. Both Frinton and Walton have a Museum, and there is an indoor swimming pool at the Columbine Centre, Walton-on-the Naze, together with a pier where entertainment is provided for children of various ages.

Are there any boat launching facilities in Frinton-on-Sea and where are they?

Full details are available from Frinton Watercraft Club. NB Club membership is required for launching powered watercraft from the Frinton-on-Sea ramp.

Is there a train service and how often does it run?

A train service which calls at Frinton-on- Sea, operates between Walton-on-the-Naze and London Liverpool Street by changing trains at either Colchester or Thorpe-Le-Soken with an occasional through train. For details of the timetable, visit the Greater Anglia website.

What schools, hospitals, surgeries etc are situated in Frinton-on-Sea?

Please refer to the About Our Town page.

What bye-laws relate to Frinton-on-Sea, in particular the Greensward, promenade and beach?

Please refer to Tendring District Council website, Environment & Planning section, and then search for the relevant bye-law.

What is the Frinton-on-Sea Conservation Area?

The Frinton Conservation Area covers The Avenues and The Esplanade from the Golf Club to the end of Pole Barn Lane. There is also a Frinton Park Conservation Area and a Walton Conservation Area along the seafront. Please refer to Tendring District Council website for further information.

What security is available to protect beach huts from vandalism?

Patrols take place regularly day and night.

Is there a police presence in Frinton-on-Sea?

Yes, officers regularly patrol on foot and in police vehicles.

Is it correct that it is possible to cycle along the whole length of the promenade between October and March?

No, where certain parts of the promenade are signed as 'No Cycling' it does mean that cycling is not allowed along these sections throughout the year.

Can barbecues be set up on the promenade in front of the beach huts?

No, this is contrary to the bye laws which state that barbecues have to be on the beach where they do not infringe on the safety of other members of the public. Also it has been requested that these are not lit until after 6.00 pm when fewer people are on the beach.

Are beach hut owners allowed to extend their huts by putting balconies or platforms in front of them?

The site licence only covers the ground on which the hut stands and space for steps down to the promenade, if necessary.

Why are dogs banned from certain areas of the beach at specific times of the year?

So that children can play on the beach without either the risk of being bothered by dogs, or more importantly, their health being compromised by coming into contact with dog faeces. That is why the fine is £500.