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Message from the Chairman

The Frinton Residents' Association (FRA) works with a number of people, organisations and agencies to maintain the unique character of the town including the enforcement of our bylaws, maintenance of our roads and pavements as well as reviewing planning applications that might impact on the town. I would, like to thank all the people; front line workers, volunteers, Council workers and elected representatives for all their hard work in this regard. In particular I would like to thank Neil Churcher, former Chairman of the Frinton Residents' Association, for his commitment and dedication to the Town and its residents. Neil stepped down as Chairman of the Association earlier this year.

Continuing the good work undertaken by Neil, as the new Chairman I am keen to ensure the FRA focusses on the main priorities as determined by its members. As you may recall a survey was undertaken in July 2022 which had a very good response; members reaffirmed those priorities listed below as being the most relevant to them.

In recent years the town has seen an increase in the number of visitors particularly during the summer months. Inconsiderate parking by some motorists is a particular concern for many residents. Working with relevant agencies such as the North Essex Parking Partnership (NEPP), elected members and officers of the Council, the Frinton Residents' Association has been successful in highlighting the need for improved enforcement through the issue of parking penalties and the introduction of more parking controls such as yellow lines. The Association will continue to lobby for more enforcement to deter dangerous and illegal parking.

With new housing developments in the locality, desirability of the area and relatively easy train links to London our Town is growing in popularity and population. The FRA welcomes change that bring benefits to residents and businesses. Whilst it is not within our gift to change legislation, and we must remain politically neutral, the Association will continue to work with elected members, organisations and agencies such as the Police to ensure the voice of our members is heard.

The Frinton Residents' Association core values remain as relevant today as they have for many years with the main aims and objectives being to:

As Chairman I will ensure the FRA continues to champion the views of its members, hold firm to its core values and promote Frinton as a lovely place to live, work and visit.

Finally, I would like to thank all the Committee Members of the Frinton Residents' Association for their hard work and dedication, all of whom are volunteers and live in Frinton. Our only agenda is to work to improve Frinton for the long-term benefit of both residents and visitors, and to facilitate change in a sustainable manner.

If you are not a member and would like to find out more please visit our Join Us page.

Alan Eldret