Note from the Chairman:

Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who attended the Open meeting on Saturday at Soken House, where there was a good turnout with some lively debate. I would also like to acknowledge the support from Giles Watling MP, Mayor Terry Allen and Councillor Nick Turner whose input on the day was invaluable. Other Councillors were invited but were unable to attend.

At the meeting I outlined the key priorities (listed below) as determined by FRA members and the efforts we have made to highlight these with the respective organisations, such as Tendring District Council (TDC), Essex County Council (ECC), Frinton & Walton Town Council (FWTC), North Essex Parking Partnership (NEPP) & Essex Police (EP) to name a few:

  • Kirby Cross (Halstead Road) Traffic Light Scheme
  • Parking
  • Policing
  • Bye Law enforcement
  • Street Trading prohibited streets
  • Cleansing in Connaught Avenue
  • Pedestrian Crossings
  • Ambulance & Fire Stations

As Chairman I am keen to ensure the FRA focusses on the main priorities as determined by its members, therefore a survey was undertaken in July 2022 which had a very good response. I am pleased to say that members reaffirmed those priorities listed above as being the most relevant to them.

On Saturday at the Open Meeting there were several excellent points raised on the various topics discussed. I am grateful for all contributions, which will help strengthen the work the FRA does on behalf of its members. The essence of discussion at the meeting is tabled below:

Priority Area Current Position/Action
Kirby Cross (Halstead Road) Traffic Scheme When permanent lights are installed the traffic congestion is expected to improve. The FRA will continue to monitor progress and raise issues of concerns with the Council. Giles Watling MP's support in this regard is welcomed.
Parking The FRA has done considerable work in highlighting the need for more enforcement particularly during peak times such as weekends, days of good weather and Bank Holidays, including side by side working with a NEPP parking officer. This has resulted in more patrols of the Town. Other issues raised at the meeting include:
  • Yellow hatching markings to be installed Second Avenue (replacing the faded white lines)
  • Improvements to signage including misleading wording
  • Consideration of the introduction of paid parking
  • Installation of more double yellow lines e.g. Harold Road/Connaught Avenue
  • Review of the provision of disabled bays to reduce dangerous parking by Blue Badge Holders on double yellow lines
  • Explore improved access in/out of the town
  • Private Roads (although it was noted that this remained the responsibility of residents in those roads and not local authorities).
The FRA will continue to press for more resources to be given to the town for enforcement and improvements. Councillor Nick Turner's support in this regard is welcomed.
Pavements & Potholes The FRA has listed priority areas for footway and pothole repairs, which have been raised with Essex Highways.
Policing The FRA continues to rigorously campaign for more policing in the Town and it is hoped the new Chief Inspector will be responsive to the community's needs.
Bye Law Enforcement It was noted that PCSOs are being trained to issue FPNs for infringements of the Bye Laws for offences such as no cycling where this is prohibited.
Street Trading Prohibited Streets This is a complex area but the FRA will continue to encourage better management of table and chairs on the pavement potentially through licensing.
Cleansing: Connaught Avenue Infrequent cleaning and nuisance pigeons were raised as a concern. TDC will be asked to do more frequent cleaning particularly as we head into late night Christmas shopping. Nick Turner's support in this regard is welcomed.
Pedestrian Crossings The FRA will resume its work on making improvements to safety through the introduction of more pedestrian crossings. Various locations were highlighted but the priority as agreed by those at the meeting were Elm Tree Avenue/Rochford Way and Jubilee Gardens/Esplanade. It was noted that a pedestrian crossing further north in Elm Tree Avenue had not, previously, been supported by the School.
Ambulance & Fire Service Only one Fire Appliance was operating in Frinton. Concerns about slow response times to emergencies would continue to be raised. The FRA will continue to lobby for better provision for the town in both Fire & Ambulance Services.
Service Priority & Town Funding It was acknowledged that more funding was required to provide better infrastructure and services as the Town's population grows. The introduction of a Neighbourhood Plan (NP) would provide more focus on the town's needs; such plans were being piloted in other areas. The NP would need to align with the District Plan. Mayor Terry Allan's support in this regard is welcomed.

With new housing developments in the locality, desirability of the area and relatively easy train links to London our Town is growing in popularity and population. The Association welcomes changes that bring benefits to residents and businesses. Whilst it is not within the FRA's gift to change legislation, and we must remain politically neutral, we will continue to work with elected members, organisations and agencies such as the Police to ensure the voice of our members is heard.

The FRA core values remain as relevant today as they have for many years with the main aims and objectives being to:

  • Promote the interests of residents.
  • Provide a forum to express opinions and concerns.
  • Highlight those developments and change that might affect the quality of life in the town.
  • Represent the interests of members in discussion with local, regional, national authorities and other agencies.
  • Monitor and comment on major issues affecting the quality of life of residents including planning, licensing, cultural activities, community safety and policing.

The FRA is run by a team of dedicated volunteers, all of whom live in Frinton. Our only agenda is to work to improve Frinton for the long-term benefit of both residents and visitors, and to facilitate change in a sustainable manner. We do of course value diversity, and do not claim to have a monopoly on ideas and practices. To this end, we positively encourage constructive feedback and suggestion from both members and non-members alike.

There isn't always a consensus of opinion amongst FRA members on specific issues as was demonstrated by this year's Summer Theatre Marquee on the Greensward with some members supporting it and others objecting. In these circumstances, it is the FRA's remit to pass on concerns or merits to the relevant authorities so negative consequences can be minimised and positives emphasised.

Finally, as Chairman I will ensure the FRA continues to champion the views of its members, hold firm to its core values and promote Frinton as a lovely place to live, work and visit.

Neil Churcher
Chairman - Frinton Residents' Association
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